About the Night Keep

The Night Keep is an award-winning production company- one part orchestration and sound design showcase, and one part audio drama and audio book studio.

Night Keep music has been featured in haunted attractions across the United States, as well as contributing to audio books, haunted conventions, film, and tabletop rpg's.

Helmed by Daniel Edenfield, the Night Keep was formed as a way to hone his skills in movie and video game orchestration as well as screenplay writing, and the most important reason: to give life to the many stories in his imagination.

As a composer, Daniel's music is inspired by a love of fantasy and sci-fi, with influences ranging from D&D, to video games, to film.

Each year, the Night Keep releases a horror album showcasing an original story and soundtrack.

An award-winning group, the Night Keep continue to explore facets of horror and fear through the storytelling medium. Think of them as a "movies for your mind".


The Night Keep has music available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and more.

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